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The Orthopreneurs Podcast: Navigating the Future of Digital Orthodontics

Catch up with us as we chat with Glenn Krieger to talk about clinical mastery, technological advancements, and personal journeys that will inspire and educate.

Orthopreneurs Podcast With Glenn Krieger and Dr. Alex Waldman

In this episode Glenn Krieger sits down with Dr. Alex Waldman to explore the evolving landscape of orthodontics, focusing on the integration of digital technology and the nuances of surgical orthodontics. This episode is packed with insights and expertise, where you'll explore these topics:

Digital Orthodontics Unveiled

Dr. Waldman discusses the transformation of orthodontic practices through digital technology, highlighting how tools like 3D printing and digital braces are revolutionizing patient care. This segment is particularly enlightening for practitioners looking to navigate the shift from traditional methods to a more digital approach in their practices.

The Journey to Surgical Excellence

The conversation delves into the realm of surgical orthodontics, where Dr. Waldman shares his experiences and the critical role of technology in enhancing surgical outcomes. Listeners gain valuable perspectives on how digital advancements are shaping the future of orthodontic surgery and patient treatment planning.

Embracing Remote Monitoring

Glenn and Dr. Waldman discuss the impact of remote monitoring technologies on patient management and practice efficiency. This discussion is eye-opening for those considering or currently implementing remote monitoring in their practices, offering a glimpse into the future of patient care and engagement.

The Power of Virtual Assistance

The episode also touches on the concept of virtual assistance in orthodontics, with Dr. Waldman explaining how virtual assistants from places like the Philippines can drastically improve practice management and efficiency. This segment is invaluable for practitioners facing staffing challenges and looking for innovative solutions.

Real-world Applications and Success Stories

Throughout the episode Dr. Waldman and Glenn share their personal experiences and success stories, providing listeners with real-world applications of the discussed technologies and methodologies. This part of the podcast is particularly motivating, showing the tangible benefits of adopting new technologies and practices in orthodontics.

Fostering a Community of Learning and Excellence

The Orthopreneurs Podcast is not just about sharing knowledge; it's about building a community of orthodontic professionals committed to learning and excellence. This episode exemplifies this mission, offering a platform for sharing, discussion, and mutual growth in the orthodontic field.

Don't have 43 minutes?

Here is a cheat sheet to dive into the segments most important to you: 

  • 06:02: Dr. Waldman discusses the concept of a 100% digital orthodontic practice, emphasizing the importance of a digital mindset over just having digital tools, and how it changes the practice and patient care.

  • 10:37: Insight into the necessity of adapting to new technologies thoughtfully, with Dr. Waldman explaining how adopting new tech can either lead to failure or success based on the level of understanding and training.

  • 17:29: Announcement of the Entrepreneurs 24 summit, detailing the unique opportunity it presents for learning and networking on a cruise, emphasizing the exclusivity and tailored experiences of the event.

  • 22:41: Discussion on the role of virtual assistants in orthodontic practices, highlighting how is revolutionizing practice management by providing trained remote employees, leading to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • 30:09: Examination of the financial implications of adopting digital technologies in orthodontic practices, with a focus on balancing increased lab costs with the potential for higher profitability and better quality of life through efficient practice management.

  • 34:05: Preview of the upcoming surgical orthodontics conference, where Dr. Waldman will be speaking, emphasizing the importance of specialized skills and knowledge in advanced orthodontic practices and how these conferences can enhance clinical capabilities.

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