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MyOrthoVA's Remote Staff Offering Featured in Orthodontic Products Article by Steven Martinez

MyOrthoVA featured in Orthodontic Products

We are honored to announce that MyOrthoVA, a trailblazer in providing virtual assistant services specifically for orthodontic practices, was recently spotlighted in an insightful article by Steven Martinez in Orthodontic Products. The piece, titled "A Competitive Job Market Has Made it Hard to Find New Staff, But MyOrthoVA’s Virtual Assistants Could Make the Employee Pool Global," dives deep into the innovative solutions MyOrthoVA offers to orthodontists facing staffing challenges.

The article emphasizes how MyOrthoVA leverages the power of remote staff, offering a pool of skilled virtual assistants (VAs) from the Philippines and Latin America, tailored for the unique needs of orthodontic practices. These VAs come with a blend of administrative and clinical expertise, ready to integrate seamlessly into practices across America. The feature also provides a personal touch, highlighting experiences from real users like Dr. Inna Gellerman and her positive encounter with the hiring process and the impact of their VA on their practice.

Steven Martinez sheds light on the core training program each VA undergoes, ensuring they possess the essential skills in orthodontic practice management, from clinical terminology to treatment protocols. This thorough preparation equips them to hit the ground running from day one, offering a cost-effective staffing solution for practices. The article doesn’t just showcase MyOrthoVA’s services; it also delves into the broader implications of remote work in the orthodontic sector, illustrating the blend of technological advancement and human resource innovation.

We encourage our readers to dive into Steven Martinez’s article to understand the full scope of what MyOrthoVA offers. It’s not just a service; it’s a revolution in how orthodontic practices can think about staffing and efficiency in a post-pandemic world. Don’t miss out on this enlightening read, which could very well change how you view staffing solutions in the orthodontic industry.

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