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MyOrthoVA Transforms the Orthodontic Practice with Skilled Virtual Assistants

Updated: Apr 10

Medically Trained VAs Boost Orthodontist Efficiency, Productivity and Patient Care


MyOrthoVA Launches bringing orthodontic trained virtual assistants to the market.
MyOrthoVA Launches bringing orthodontic trained virtual assistants to the market.

Los Angeles – February 01, 2024 -- MyOrthoVA has launched as the first provider of virtual assistants (VAs) exclusively for orthodontic practices. 

The company’s human virtual assistants handle a range of office functions, including financial management, insurance submissions/verification, reporting, patient onboarding, follow-up, image processing, marketing and reception/phone support. MyOrthoVA virtual assistants are assigned to serve a single orthodontic practice. 

“MyOrthoVA was created by and for orthodontists to meet the specific needs of orthodontic practices,” said Co-Founder and President Alexandar Waldman, DMD, who brings over two decades of experience running his own practice in Southern California. 

“Our VAs are not intended to replace in-house staff; rather, they unburden staff members from routine office tasks so they can focus on delivering exceptional care to patients,” Dr. Waldman added. 

Echoing this sentiment, MyOrthoVA COO Casey Bull emphasized the benefits of skilled VAs in streamlining business operations and enhancing patient experiences. “We help orthodontists address the common pain points that prevent patients from receiving the in-person attention they deserve. Our VAs help ensure phone calls get answered, paperwork gets processed and back-office tasks stay on track. A large orthodontic practice can benefit from up to a dozen virtual assistants working remotely to free up bandwidth for in-office staff.” 

MyOrthoVA delivers a win-win-win for orthodontic practices, patients and VAs in terms of: 

  1. enabling in-office staff to focus on tasks that directly impact patient care (this also promotes staff member job satisfaction), 

  2. giving patients the in-person attention they deserve, and 

  3. empowering remote virtual assistants with the opportunity to earn more income (and therefore a higher standard of living) than they otherwise would in their home country. 

Based primarily in the Philippines, MyOrthoVA virtual assistants possess a high level of education, English proficiency and familiarity with US business practices and cultural norms. The cost for orthodontists to engage a VA ranges from $11 - $13 per hour, depending on the level of training and ongoing support.

“The demand for VAs with orthodontic expertise is poised to grow rapidly, driven by an increase in adult patients seeking clear aligners and expanding awareness regarding the importance of oral health,” said MyOrthoVA Advisor Chris Bentson, who has consulted with orthodontic practices for more than 30 years and is a recipient of the American Academy of Orthodontists’ (AAO’s) "Outstanding Contribution to the Specialty Award.”

Bentson cited a recent Becker’s Healthcare report projecting that the global orthodontics market will grow from $7 billion in 2023 to nearly $28 billion by 2030. 

MyOrthoVA is a division of MedVA, launched in 2020 to bring the efficiency of remote virtual assistants to all types of medical offices, clinics and surgery centers. MedVA has grown to become a leading platform for medical VAs. MyOrthoVA marks the company’s first business unit focused on a specific medical specialty. 

To learn more about MyOrthoVA and schedule a complimentary consultation, visit

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