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New Patient Coordinator

Select from our pool of highly trained orthodontic virtual assistants to find your:

Elevate Your Orthodontic Practice with Remote Staffing

Significant Savings Plus Positive Impact!



above their local market average



in average annual salary, per VA



full time support at half the cost

Creating a Win-Win-Win

Your In-Office Team Wins: Most dental and orthodontic offices are understaffed due to various constraints. Your team will get the additional support they need and the bandwidth to focus on core, high-impact responsibilities increasing their performance and job satisfaction. 

Your Virtual Team Wins: Our VAs receive compensation that exceeds their local market, which translates to a better standard of living and opportunities for them and their families.

Your Patients Win: The in-office team is freed from the burden of administrative tasks, enabling them to concentrate fully on providing outstanding patient care. Simultaneously, patient phone calls are consistently addressed with undivided attention, as the team managing the calls is not distracted by in-office patient duties.

The  Mission of MyOrthoVA



Explore our newest MyOrthoVA team recruits. Each of these skilled professionals has been specially selected and onboarded for precise roles in orthodontics. They have all successfully completed MyOrthoVA's Core Curriculum in orthodontics and have received specialty training in their respective areas of expertise.

Prince P.

Time with client: 2 years



Responsibilities Include:

  • Insurance Verification

  • No Show/Cancelled NP F/U

  • TC Assistant

Tiarra M.

Time with client: 3 months


Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Responsibilities Include:

  • Insurance Verification

  • No Show/Cancelled NP F/U

  • TC Assistant

Princess D.

Time with client: 3 months



Responsibilities Include:

  • Voicemail and SMS

  • Doctor and Debond 

  • 30/60/90 Reports

Hire from

the best

Dedicated VA managers

Dedicated client manager

Continued VA education & training

No Start-up fees

Personalized VA coaching

Coaching for the practice

Chris Bentson.jpeg

By orthodontic industry experts for orthodontic offices

What our

Clients Say

"We hired our 1st Virtual assistant during a time when we were unable to hire and in desperate need of keeping insurance claims and collections being processed. We are over the moon with our VA's as we now have 3 of them. They are hard working and grateful employees of our company. I highly recommend MyOrthoVA!"


PIP Pediatric

Cody Mast

MyOrthoVA is connecting world class orthodontic practices with exceptional global talent.

Whether you're a private practice, multidisciplinary practice, or part of a DSO or OSO, we have remote staff ready to support your practice and help you take it to the next level. 

Our expert remote team members are here to 

Solve your staffing shortage

Support your existing staff

Reduce your staffing costs

Relax, we got you covered

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You've explored this entire page. Now that you are equipped with more information about the power of virtual staffing, I personally invite you to set up a call with our team to talk more about how we can create a bespoke solution for your practice.

Casey Bull, COO
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