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Elevate Your Practice with Remote Staffing

Financial Coordinator

Unlock Your Practice's Full Potential with Dedicated Remote Team Members

All candidates have completed myOrthoVA's Core Curriculum in orthodontics and speciality training in their area of expertise.

Our team of expert remote team members are here to:

solve your staffing shortage

support your existing staff

reduce your staffing costs

relax, we got you covered


 Whether you're a private practice, multidisciplinary practice, or part of a DSO or OSO, we have remote staff ready to support your practice and help you take it to the next level.

Want to learn about the remote staffing positions we offer?

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What a Hybrid Team Can Do For Your Practice

A variety of business owners said their top needs were: 





Improved Efficiency



Better Profitability 

At myOrthoVA we understand these priorities and we're here to support your practice to achieve those goals. Our team of highly skilled, expertly trained remote staff are here to help your practice achieve growth, enhance efficiency, boost profitability, and foster superior communication - all while reducing your operational overhead.

Here are 8 tasks a VA could take off your plate NOW:

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Financial Coordinator: Our trained professionals can assist with all financial activities in your practice, from contracts to collections, and much more. These professionals  bring an understanding of production analysis, financial ratios, and collection strategies to optimize your practice's financial health. With their knowledge and expertise, you can confidently navigate the complexities of orthodontic finances and achieve your practice goals.

Insurance Specialist: Submitting pre-authorizations, pre-determinations, initial claims, and more can be done by a remote team member. So can verification of benefits and follow up on overdue insurance accounts. Let a dedicated remote insurance specialist take this huge workload off of your in-office team, so they can focus on what they do best - patient care. 

Administrative Coordinator: With expertise in creating memorable patient experiences, effective communication, and problem-solving, our Administrative Coordinators are your go-to resource for optimizing administrative aspects of your practice. In addition to answering calls, trust them to run reports, complete follow up calls, and perform additional administrative tasks. With these being handled remotely, you will ensure smooth day-to-day functioning of your orthodontic office.

New Patient Coordinator: Take your New Patient process to the next level and significantly raise the level of customer service with our trained New Patient Coordinators.Trained to handle every new patient call with care and enthusiasm, they schedule consultations, gather vital patient information, and build a sense of anticipation for each visit. With their dedication, your practice can ensure a seamless transition from inquiry to same-day starts, teeing up the in-office TC for success.

Digital Case Submission Tech: Free up your staff by engaging a remote specialist to  manage the submission of your digital cases. Case submission specialists can do all work associated with the submission of 3D printed lab appliances, aligners, and digital braces. This is a perfect solution for the busy digital orthodontic office that wants to further leverage the efficiency of their digital workflow.

Marketing Coordinator: Trained to craft and execute comprehensive marketing strategies, they collaborate closely with the in-office team while also seamlessly managing remote tasks such as review management, Google Business profile optimization, and social media engagement. With their expertise, your practice can thrive both within the community and in the digital landscape, ensuring a strong online presence and effective local outreach.


Social Media Marketing Coordinator: Trained to craft captivating content calendars, they streamline the process by working closely with the in-office team to capture content, after which they take the reins, handling post editing, scheduling, and crafting engaging captions and hashtags. Beyond content creation, they excel in community management, actively engaging with your audience through responses, messages, and genuine interactions, fostering a vibrant online community for your practice.

Phone and SMS Support: All of our trained professionals have a keen understanding of phone etiquette, personality dynamics, and problem-solving techniques, they ensure every interaction is a positive one. Never miss a call or text again with a dedicated Phone and SMS support specialist.

Personal Assistant: Need a right-hand to complete miscellaneous administrative tasks for the practice as well as personal tasks? Our Personal Assistants are here to help you reclaim your valuable time and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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You've explored this entire page. Now that you are equipped with more information about the power of virtual staffing, I personally invite you to set up a call with our team to talk more about how we can create a bespoke solution for your practice.

Casey Bull, COO
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